Your WordPress Problems – Solved

You’ve got problems with your WordPress website and you don’t know what to do?

We’ve had the same issues, and many more, over the years. And that’s why we can probably help you.

Unfortunately, we can’t help everyone. Not everyone agrees with our philosophy.

But let’s get back to your problem.

It could be that your enthusiasm got the better of you after installing WordPress and you thought all those free plugins would make your site better.

Or you chose a theme that looked great on the demo, but after you paid for it and installed it, it looks dreadful?

Maybe you just want someone to set WordPress up properly from the get-go?

Our WordPress Services

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New Installation

Don’t mess around trying to do it yourself. Have your WordPress site done right from the start.

Website Overhaul

If you, or someone else, has made a mess with your WordPress site, it might be time for a complete overhaul.


If your website is slow, people aren’t going to hang around waiting for it to load. They’ll be off to your competitors website.

WordPress Training

If you really want to do your website yourself, we offer training by video conference. All sessions are recorded for you to keep.

Your other option is to accept the ordinary and keep getting what you’re getting from your WordPress website.